Take a Perc & set yourself free from the matrix. Together, we will rise above the Wojaks & the Inu's. Take the green pill & enjoy the pump.

About Us

Percocet Pepe is a Meme designed to set humanity free from the jaws & claws of mediocre, mundane & shit memes by taking the MASK OFF the lies that have enslaved them since the beginning of Memes.

Leveraging the theme of the most viral, iconic and satirical meme on the internet, Pepe, we are the rebels against mediocre memes and copycats that have failed to unlock humanity’s true potential and get them to the climax of memeing experience.

Humanity has been blinded, enslaved & played for too long. Percocet Pepe is here to change the play and empower memoooorrrs to call the play again instead of being mediocre slaves. Percocet Pepe offers nothing but the truth for memooorrrs to reach the ultimate high.

Take the green pill to launch yourself into an ecstatic meme wonderland you’ve been blinded from all this while.


Percocet Pepe Perconomics//

Token Ticker:


Token Supply:


Pre-sale Allocation:


Initially Burned:


Liquidity Pool:


Marketing + Cex Listings:


Contract: 0x50D5f85871d183a7C2ee7FD8D1F03428F4b79aD3

Tax: 5/5


The path to freedom and high life from the mediocre and mundane meme prison

Phase 01
  • Interfi Audit
  • Presale
  • DEX Token Launch
  • CoinGecko/CoinMarketCap Listings
Phase 02
  • Trend PERC on Crypto Twitter, DEXTools & other data aggregators
  • Hacken Audit
  • CEX Listings
Phase 03
  • Partnerships
  • Listing on Popular DeFi Calendars, aggregators and swaps
  • More phases to be unveiled

Partners & Backers

We are not in this journey of truth alone, we’ve struck strategic alliances with industry-leading partners:

Percocet Pepe Community//

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Vibe with free-minded and high frens who know what the real euphoric meme world feels like.


Percocet Pepe has no association with Pepe the Frog, Matt Furie the creator or any of his other creations. We do not condone the use of any harmful substances nor do we have any affiliation with Percocet manufacturers.

PERC is an ERC20 meme coin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. There is no formal team and the roadmap is lightweight. Beyond entertainment and community engagement purposes, the token entirely has zero utility.